My Story

I am a 35 year old work at home mom of two from Fredericktown, Missouri! I joined Scentsy in August 2015. Since then, I have grown from a girl who just wanted to smell all the wax scents, to a Director with a team of 95+ consultants! All I do is Scentsy and I LOVE working my business from home!! I love sponsoring new consultants and my team means everything to me. #VictoriousViolets We are supportive, generous, helpful, and we lift each other up when we fall--ALWAYS! No matter if it is Scentsy related or personal, we are there for each other and for that reason we are a family!! I have attended many Scentsy events, including BOOT CAMP #34, Scentsy Punta Cana 2017, and Leadership New Orleans which have allowed me to get connected with the Scentsy home office! My next big Scentsy trip will be in California this summer!!!

My customers are AMAZING!! It is thanks to them that I have this business and that I get to earn these amazing vacations with Scentsy!! If you are interested in buying, hosting a party, or joining my team - please reach out to me! My e-mail address is or you can find me on Facebook @waxmom!