My Story

✌  My Team and I

I'm a 34 year old work at home momma of two from St.Louis, Missouri! I joined Scentsy in August 2015! Since then I have grown to become a Director with a team of 65+ consultants! Our team name is the Victorious Violets! We love to share, support, and grow with each other on our journeys. My team means everything to me. We are supportive, generous, and we lift each other up when we fall--ALWAYS! No matter if it is Scentsy related or personal, we are THERE for each other and for that reason we are a family.

✐  My Scentsy Story

I joined Scentsy because I fell in LOVE with the products! After a couple of months of being with Scentsy, I started to take off with my first team member. Soon after, I went to World Premiere, then to Family Reunion in Nashville 2016 and it has been UP ever since! Scentsy is so fun and enjoyable for me that I have quickly become the "crazy Scentsy lady" in my neighborhood, and on social media I am known as the "Wax Mom" from! I work Scentsy full-time!

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